The state of the infrastructure in Jeffreys Bay

The Kouga municipality held a strategic planning workshop last week, which was attended by the Municipal councillors. At the workshop, some interesting facts about the municipal infrastructure emerged. The DA Ward 3 blog, The Courier, revealed these facts:
Municipal infrastructure grant
The municipal infrastructure grant received by the municipality from the central government amounts to R80,474m. R148,576m is needed.

A river of sewage flows in Jeffreys Bay

Water consumption
In 2010/2011 the Kouga municipality provided 6.558 kℓ of water per day to Jeffreys Bay residents and businesses. It is anticipated that consumption will be 11,668 kℓ per day in 2020/21.
The inhabitants of Jeffreys Bay consume electricity to the tune of about 26 MVA annually. Although the general condition of the electrical distribution network is fair, it needs much maintenance. However, the main infrastructure must be upgraded due to growing demand in Jeffreys Bay.
Jeffreys Bay sewage plants can only deal with 2.5 Mℓ per day, while the average inflow per day is 4 Mℓ. Securing sufficient funding for upgrading the existing sewage treatment works and provision of additional treatment capacity, remains a major problem.
The municipality is responsible for the maintenance of 315 km of tarred and 87 km of gravel roads in the Kouga. R5 512 500 per year is required to maintain tarred roads, but the budget allocation for the past year was only R1 873 000.

Storm water
The municipality experiences storm water problems in several areas. The high cost of providing storm water infrastructure is described as “a huge challenge”.

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