New oversight for Kouga Municipal finances

The Kouga Municipal Council approved the formation of a Municipal Public Action Committee (MPAC) at an ordinary council meeting on 31 October 2011, reports the DA blog – The Courier.
The committee is made up of nine councillors. Five are from the DA and four from the ANC. The DA members are Councillors Chimpie Cawood (chairman), Ben Rheeder, Henda Thiart, Danny Benson and Nico Botha.
The MPAC will do the same work in the municipality as the Standing Committee on Public Accounts in the national and provincial legislatures.
In the event of irregular or wasteful expenditure incurred by the municipality, the MPAC will be entitled to request the accounting officer of the municipality and other officials to appear before it to explain their actions.
The committee is also empowered to engage directly with the community and its representatives such as residents’ and ratepayers’ associations.
There can be little doubt that the MPAC will enable council to hold municipal officials to account, and to ensure the efficient and effective use of municipal resources.

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