Fix our Infrastructure or else

South Africans are now taking the legal route to ensure that the crumbling road infrastructure in South Africa is maintained.
Residents in Mpumalange recently won a court case that forced the provincial government to fix potholes on a section of road between Springs and Witbank.

Dolphin Drive in Aston Bay following the recent floods.

It is believed that potholes in the road directly contributed to the death of two people and the court ordered the road be fixed within 72 hours of judgement.
Closer to home, East London motorist Eddie Opperman, won a court case against the Buffalo City Municipality for damages to his tyre and rim after hitting a pot hole in Union Avenue.
He was unable to drive any further and had to seek help to have his wheel changed.
Jeffreys Bay residents have also started following the legal route and the Municipal Manager has been charged by a local resident for the continuing sewage spills that are plaguing the town.
A river of sewage flows in Jeffreys Bay

The small coastal town is over capacity with the sewage infrastructure no longer capable of handling the demands being placed upon it.
The road to Aston Bay has been particularly hard hit, following a huge sewage spill that emanated from a corroded pipe near the treatment works.

The Department of Water Affairs has confirmed that the sewage is not being properly treated at both the Jeffreys Bay treatment works as well as in Humansdorp. Contaminated sewage is therefore being released into the environment.

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