House robbery suspects arrested

Residents of Jeffreys Bay can breathe a sigh of relief as the Police have arrested  the three suspects wanted for the house robbery last week when an elderly couple were brutalised.
Warrant Officer Johnny Hayward received information that Sonette Du Plessis (28 years) was at her mothers house in J’Bay and busy  packing to leave town. When he arrived at the house he arrested her.

Du Plessis told him that the other suspect Isak Bosman was at her flat in Aston Bay.  When Hayward arrived at the flat it appeared that Bosman was also packing.  He too was arrested.
Following the arrest of the first two suspects, Desmond Hofmeyer (28 years old) decided to hand himself over to the Police Station.  He was also arrested.
The bank cards that were taken during the robbery were pointed out to Police and  some were recovered in the bushes near the flat in Aston Bay. The suspects all appeared in court earlier this week.

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Du Plessis was also arrested on a warrant of arrest for Drunk driving and for a shoplifting case.
The other two suspects apparently also have cases against them. The victims whose house was robbed are still traumatized. They are receiving counseling  to help them recover from the attack.

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