Stolen goods recovered by J'Bay Police

Last Wednesday morning, W/O Johnny Hayward of the Jeffreys Bay Police received information about two suspects wanting to sell possible stolen property in Pellsrus

W/O Hayward wth the stolen good he recovered.

W/O Hayward found Chimile Barnard in Tuna street and questioned him about the information he received. W/O Hayward then arrested Barnard 35 years old and Godfrey Syce 35 years old, both from Pellsrus, for Housebreaking and Theft.
A stolen DVD player was recovered at another address in Tuna street where it had been sold by the suspects. The complainant’s glasses and CD’s were found in the ceiling of the one suspect’s house and a kettle was found in the cupboard.

According to the complainant who also lives in Tuna street he left his house on Saturday 8 October and returned on Sunday 9 October to find his property had been broken into. The suspects appeared in the Humansdorp court on Thursday 13 October 2011.

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