More sewage spills in Jeffreys Bay

Another massive sewage spill has occurred in the once pristine coastal town of Jeffreys Bay. Raw sewage has been pumping out near the treatment works and has been released into the environment. The sewage also dammed up near human settlements.

A river of sewage flows in Jeffreys Bay

The latest spill has so outraged residents that for the first time ever, criminal charges have been laid against the Municipality by a resident.
The spill was caused by a corroded pipe that resulted in all the sewage from Aston Bay, Paradise Beach, Marina Martinique and Ocean View spewing out into open areas around the town.
The sewage spills are a serious health hazard in Jeffreys Bay

The pipe has been subsequently fixed but it is just a matter of time before the next sewage spill occurs according to DA councillor Brenton Williams.
“The Department of Water Affairs has confirmed that our sewage system in Jeffreys Bay is over capacity and that we are releasing sewage into the environment that is not properly treated”, said Williams.
“The sewage problem in the Kouga is beyond being critical, it is actually already a disaster”, added Williams. “The only sewage infrastructure that is coping at present is in Hankey and St Francis Bay. In the towns of Humansdorp and Loerie, untreated sewage is being released into the environment.

The Humansdorp spills even attracted the attention of the Auditor General who has indicated concern that we will face punitive financial measures should we continue to pump inadequately treated sewage into the environment”.
Work has started on the upgrade of the sewage treatment works in Jeffreys Bay, which will solve part of the problem but does not offer a solution to the regular spills at Main Beach and Aapies Draai near Aston Bay.

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