Mugger arrested in Jeffreys Bay

On Saturday 8 October 2011 at about 6 am, Warrant Officer Oswald Potgieter from the Jeffreys Bay Police was patrolling in the suburb of Pellsrus.
He noticed a woman  frantically waving at him to attract his attention.  She pointed out  a man walking with another woman towards the bushes near the beach.  She told Potgieter that the man had just robbed her and her friend at knife point and had taken  her ring and necklace and forced them to walk with him to the beach.

W/O Potgieter saved the day whilst on patrol in Pellrus.

She kept her cool and when she noticed the Police vehicle on patrol, she ran for help.
On his way to the perpetrator W/O Potgieter noticed that  the man threw something out of his left pocket into the bushes.  W/O Potgieter apprehended the man and  after a search of the bushes,  he found the perpetrator’s knife as well as the ring and necklace.
The suspect Asanda Hoboshe (18 years old) appeared in the Humansdorp court on 10 October 2011.
The case was postponed to 17 October 2011 for a bail application.
According to W/O Petra Els the two women were very lucky that W/O Potgieter happened to be driving past at the time of the incident, because the suspect possibly had other dark motives for wanting to take them to the beach.
The fact that these two ladies were walking together obviously did not deter the suspect.
“We would like to urge the public to be vigilant; criminals are always on the lookout for an opportunity.  Do not walk around in dark or isolated places and always carry some kind of protection device”, said Els.
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