Police dogs found dead

The two police dogs that went missing from their kennels in Humansdorp were found dead inside a stormwater drain just outside the town.
There was concern that the dogs had been stolen or deliberately let out of the kennels when they went missing about a month ago. The fence at the kennels had been bent open which lead the dog handlers to believe that somebody had let the dogs out on purpose.

The two dogs, Uschka and Ikke were both highly trained in narcotic detection and patrolling. Their bodies were found in a storm water drain on the Hankey road.
The dog unit, which is based in Humansdorp patrols the entire Kouga region, including Jeffreys Bay where they haven been highly effective in detecting escaping house robbers who flee into the busy areas in the town when being chased.
The Police are investigating the case but the motive for killing the dogs remains unknown as this stage.

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