More pics from the Shell Festival

Many comments have been received about the Shell Festival, some positive and some negative. One thing all the comments have in common is that they are all honest and give each person’s reflection on their perception on the Skulpiefees.

The dive festival was enjoyed by all. Photo: Paul van Jaarsveld

The younger people who attended the Shell Festival seemed to be more positive about their experience. This could be due to them not having pre-conceived ideas about how a Shell Festival should be.
Zander and Gian loved the Festival and said there were lots of toys they wanted to buy!

Positive feedback has been received about the fun fair as well. This was another welcome addition to the Shell Festival and enjoyed by young and old alike.
Dylan and Kylin Wooding said the fun fair was lots of fun.

Feedback was also received that the stalls were the same as last year and there was still too much cheap plastic imports being sold. Some of the food stalls received compliments and remained popular with Festino’s.
What would a South African Festival be without a braai?

There is a lot of work ahead for the organisers of the Shell Festival but there is a determination to ensure that Jeffreys Bay can stand tall and offer a Festival that will make residents proud of their town.

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