Public concern about Nuke at Thyspunt

A meeting was held at the Pellsrus Community Hall last night as part of the public participation process regarding the building of a nuclear power station close to Jeffreys Bay.
The meeting dealt with the alignment of the transmission cables from Oyster Bay to Port Elizabeth and the impact they could have on the wider Jeffreys Bay community.

The untamed beauty of Thuyspunt could be destroyed should a nuclear power plant be built.

Residents yet again raised concerns that could not be answered by the consultants appointed by Eskom. However Sivest, the company who has been appointed to do the Impact Studies on the transmission lines were more open and transparent than other consultants, according to the community.
The potential impact of electromagnetic waves on milk cows has not been assessed nor has the potential loss of jobs in the milk and tourism industries been adequately addressed and these issues could not be answered by the consultants.

Once again it was raised by the community that the crumbling infrastructure in the Kouga would not be able to handle the influx of people seeking unskilled jobs and the informal settlements would increase in size.
Archaeological concerns were not being taken into account and it has become apparent that misleading reports have been issued by consultants in these Impact Studies already. It was made clear at the meeting that the community will demand that correct processes be followed and that flawed impact studies will not be accepted.

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