Residents hold meeting with Kouga Municipality

Last week, the Jeffreys Bay Residents Association held a meeting with top officials in the Kouga Municipality to discuss their concerns about the decline of services in the town.

Dolphin Drive in Aston Bay following the recent floods.

At the meeting, the acting Municipal Manager, Mr Fadi, openly acknowledged that there is a critical cash flow problem within the Municipality.
The Nelson Mandela Metro is owed around R 15 million for our supply of water, the Auditor General is owed R 5 million and there is a huge debt owed to Eskom as well.  Only a fraction of these debts are being serviced every month, a trend that is being experienced by many of creditors of the Municipality.
Where possible, the Municipality is trying to invest into the infrastructure and 30 tons of tar was recently purchased to fix up the potholes in the rapidly deteriorating roads in the region.

The Municipality could not say when the R 87 million in disaster funding that was applied for following the floods in July, will be received. This means that the temporary bridge at St Francis Bay will somehow have to weather all the increased traffic in December and roads that have collapsed in suburbs like Aston Bay will not be repaired in time for the holiday makers.
There will be a public meeting to discuss the way forward for the Kouga at the Newton Hall on the 5 October 2011.

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