Sam Mieny CD released

A small piece of the old Jeffreys Bay has been preserved with the release of a CD by local legend Sam Mieny, who passed away earlier this year.

Sam Mieny in full flight

In the 1980’s all the locals used to congregate at the Savoy Hotel on Friday nights and “Sam the Jam” provided the evening’s entertainment with his music and Marc Anthony jokes.
On many occasions he was joined by other musicians like Tony Montana, Pete the Beat, Eric the Red and Doc Van Der Heuwel on the harmonica.
The Savoy would rock on the nights Sam played and many locals regard those times as Jeffreys Bay being in its prime.

The CD features songs that Sam sung up and down the coastline of South Africa and is a must have for anybody who witnessed one of his performances, which generally included broken guitar strings amidst songs from Cat Stevens, Jethro Tull, Bob Marley and Joe Jackson.
The songs on the CD are: Sunnyshine Boy, Hot Pavement, Meaning, Daddy, Sweet Woman, Living in the Bathroom, Train, Red String, Chicken
The CD’s cost R 150 and 10 % of the proceeds go towards the wildlife sanctuary at Seal point (Friends of St.Francis).
Contact Dawnsy on 082 890 7940 to order a copy.

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