Aston Bay homes robbed

An elderly woman living in Aston Bay had the horrific experience of having her home broken into last night, in the normally peaceful suburb of Aston Bay.

A second house, which is unoccupied, was also burgled in the early hours of the morning. Both incidents occurred between 1 am and 3 am. Entry was gained into the elderly woman’s house by breaking open a sliding door.
The Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch immediately mobilized and together with the South African Police and Smhart Security cordoned off the area and a massive manhunt began.
Community members patrolled the area on foot and in vehicles and the Police called in the Dog Unit to assist with the search for the suspects.
While this was happening, a report was received about a robbery in St Francis Bay as well.
Eventually one of the suspects was caught in the Dolphin Drive area and arrested by the Police. It is thought that the robbers come from outside Jeffreys Bay.
The community was grateful to the Police for their prompt response. “On behalf of the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch I have been asked to extend our thanks to the Police for sending two patrol vehicles as well as the Dog Unit to come and help with the search for the suspects and the subsequent arrest that was made”, said DA councillor Brenton Williams.

“The Paradise Beach Neighbourhood Watch was also alerted and helped by patrolling the banks of the Seekoei River when information was received that one of the suspects was seen trying to escape near the causeway”, added Williams.
“Crime will not be tolerated in these suburbs and the community is quite willing to give up our sleep to keep Aston Bay and Paradise Beach safe”.
The Neighbourhood Watch will continue to monitor the situation and will have patrols out on the streets over the weekend.

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