Pothole solution found in Cape St Francis

It had to happen!! Someone with a sense of humour planted a plant in a pothole in the tiny Eastern Cape village of Cape St Francis.

New look roads in Cape St Francis. Photo: Barry Tonkin

The unusual gardening activities were carried out just after the first hump as you enter Cape St Francis.
The pot plant created a group of interested and amused bystanders. Barry Tonkin who works at Cape St Francis Resort took some photos. He says while he was snapping, he noticed some municpal officials looking at the pot plant in the road.
Cape St Francis resident, Marcel Mortimer also took a photo of what he calls “an anti speeding device”.
The anti speeding measures in Cape St Francis. Photo: Marcel Mortimer

A short while later the plant had been removed.
There is still no sign of the R 87 million that the Kouga Council requested in disaster funding to fix the infrastructure damaged during heavy flooding in July.
Source: St Francis Chronicle

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