Sewage spills a health hazard in Jeffreys Bay

The annual Green Drop report issued by the Department of Water Affairs has revealed that the Jeffreys Bay sewage system is operating at 117 % of capacity.

Raw sewage spewing out onto Main Beach has to stop!

Failing an infrastructural upgrade, more sewage spills can be expected by residents of the coastal town, which is revered internationally for its perfect waves and beaches.
The Kouga scored 36.3 % in the 2011 Green Drop report.
The overall assessment issued by the Department is:
“Very poor performance and needs targeted intervention towards gradual sustainable improvement”.
Main Beach is the prime assett of Jeffreys Bay. The sewage spills have to stop.

What is extremely alarming for the Eastern Cape is that Kouga scored 7th highest out of the 17 municipalities assessed in the Green Drop report.
Overall the Eastern Cape scored 67.2%.
“The wastewater treatment in Kouga is far from satisfactory since overall the municipality scored disappointingly low in the area of Wastewater Quality Compliance” says the Department.
According to the Green Drop report, municipal management is required to provide leadership in the turn-around of this unwanted situation”.
Green Drop Findings:
1. Process Control skills development is found to be unsatisfactory.
2. Inflow monitoring is non-existent leaving the municipality unable to do proper planning for wastewater treatment capacity to be in line with development needs. This in spite of flow-meters installed at the inlet works.
3. Most of the effluent discharges are not authorised as per National Water Act requirements.
DA Councillor Brenton Williams has requested the Kouga Municipal Manager to provide information about the turn about strategy that is demanded in the Green Drop Report.
“The sewage spills have cost Jeffreys Bay the blue flag, there was a sewage spill at Supertubes right after the Billabong and there is a dam of sewage at Aapies Draai at the moment. We are sitting on a health time bomb here and action needs to be taken”, said Williams.

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