Make this Spring Day count

As the Eastern Cape of South Africa emerges from a winter that broke a serious drought, we have a lot to be thankful for. Our dams are running over and the aquifers and underground water catchments are full.

The water restrictions have been lifted and the gardens in Jeffreys Bay will flourish once again. The Supertubes Surfing Foundation has been hard at work in the Park and a visit to the last section of sand dune left in the town is well worth the effort.

As we celebrate the arrival of Spring, it is also worth the effort to rally to the protection of the Rhino in South Africa.
The call is for a “Black Spring Day” to show that we will no longer tolerate armed gangs of poachers who have killed 280 Rhino this year alone. This is on top of the 333 Rhino that were slaughtered last year in South Africa.
It will also show we support the South African Army being deployed to the Kruger National Park to engage the poachers with military force to stop the indiscriminate slaughter of the Rhino for the markets of the East.

The war has shifted to the private game reserves of South Africa and a number of Rhino have been killed in both the Western and Eastern Cape recently.
The poaching of Rhino must stop and there are different ways in which we can show our support for this initiative.

Save the Rhino. Click on the photo and sign the petition.

We can tie a black ribbon to our car’s right hand mirror on Spring Day and leave it on for the month of September to bring awareness of the rapidly depleting Rhino population in SA.
Wear black on Spring Day.
Sign the petition on the Wilderness Foundation website by following this link
“If Rhino poaching continues at its current rate, Rhino’s could be extinct in the wild in less than a decade.”

The Wilderness Foundation

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The Loerie Dam is overflowing as we welcome the arrival of the summer.

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