Fever runs hot in South Africa

Johannesburg is getting close to boiling point as the ANC Youth League flexed their muscle and confronted the South African Police at Luthuli House in the CBD today.

The stakes haven’t been higher since South Africa became a democracy and the course our nation takes for the next generation could be decided as the ANC turns on comes to grip with itself.
The Youth League crossed the line in Johannesburg and at a time when our country is in need of foreign investment and foreign tourism. Yet we find ourselves are in the headlines of the media world – for all the wrong reasons.

Julius Malema the leader fo the ANC Youth League.

Veterans of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the former military wing of the ANC have called for additional charges to be laid against Julius Malema, the leader of the Youth League.
“Their actions are clearly meant to divide our community and ultimately South African society”, said the veteran’s leader Kebby Maphatsoe.
Juju is facing charges of “sowing divisions” in the ANC and bringing it into disrepute by calling for the overthrow of Botswana’s government.
Jacob Zuma, the President of the ANC and of South Africa.

He has already damaged South Africa’s reputation abroad with his calls for nationalism of the mining industry and the seizing of land without compensation as well as signing songs about killing the white farmers.
Police were stoned and Jacob Zuma t-shirts burned by Juju supporters and the Police retaliated with rubber bullets and tear gas.
This led to the the South African Army saying they are not getting involved in the confrontation in Johannesburg.
“That is a matter for the police,” said the South African Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu firmly. “I am certain the police are perfectly competent to will deal with it”.
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South Africa is facing financial disaster due to rampant levels of corruption and cronyism that is being felt at grassroot level.
Service delivery is suffering at Municipal level with road, sewage and water infrastructures crumbling as the cash dries up.
Strikers demand pay increases at Municipal level.

The leadership of the ANC needs to stand firm and bring discipline and order back within their ranks.
This is not just about Malema. The time has come to stop the bribes and the kickbacks and the R 13 pens that should only cost R 4. Corruption must simply be brought under control.
Defend Consolidate Advance....the UDF.....

The entire focus of the leadership of South Africa right now should be on eradicating poverty. That is the job and responsibility of our generation.
And eradicating poverty begins at the door of Luthuli House.
Viva South Africa Viva

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