Stop Rhino poaching NOW

The Eastern Cape has recently suffered the loss of another two rhino – killed for their horns by ruthless poachers who are normally armed with assault rifles and even borne on helicopters.

South Africa is home to the majority of the rhino population on the planet and there are not that many left.
Black rhino are at risk of extinction with approximately 4 800 left in the world. White rhinos are more numerous at around 17 500.
Rhino horns are used in Asia for traditional medicines to treat everything from nosebleeds to fevers.

A Rhino drinking at a water hole in the Eastern Cape.

The poaching syndicates are now in a war with the South African Army who are deployed to fight poachers in the Kruger National Park, after 333 rhino were slaughtered in 2010.
15 poachers have been killed in battles so far this year in the Kruger, nine have been wounded and 64 arrested. But the wholesale massacre of the Rhino continues with over 200 dead in the first half of 2011 alone.
This is a war we cannot lose……

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