Join Jeffreys Bay Crime Stop

Jeffreys Bay residents can now report any kind of criminal activities as well as suspicious behaviour that will be shared with the rest of the community instantly.
Anyone who is registered on Crimestopper can report what is going on and a sms will be sent to everyone else who is registered on the system.

For example if a suspicious car is seen in a suburb, the details can be quickly shared with the rest of the community and in so doing, we all become responsible for monitoring crime in our area, with the ultimate goal of reducing crime in Jeffreys Bay.
On Crimestopper you can log crime incidents in J Bay as they occur on an interactive map, allowing crime patterns and realistic crime stats to be extracted.

The system can also be a key component of an effective disaster management system. even dangerous potholes can be reported to help others avoid damaging their motor vehicles.
Follow this link to  register and become part of the solution in the war against crime in our town.

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