Dramatic video footage of the strike in J'Bay

Jeffreys Bay endured another day of rubbish and broken glass being strewn around in the streets as the nation wide Municipal strike entered day 4.

The strikers outside the Municipality. Photo: Paul van Jaarsveld 083 521 5093

Strikers were bussed in from the surrounding towns like Humansdorp and Patensie for the march through J’Bay and onto the Kouga Municipal buildings.
Watch dramatic footage of the strike brought to you by The Crayon Room
Hundreds of striking municipal workers converged near the Caltex Garage and came prepared for the occasion.
Full rubbish bags and tyres were transported by the workers early this morning and left at strategic points along the march route which started at Caltex, down to the Post Office and ended at the Municipal building into Da Gama Road.
The roads were trashed with more to come. Photo: Paul van Jaarsveld 083 521 5093

A burning tyre signalled the start of the march and rubbish was scattered in the roads, as marchers sung and danced through the streets of the tourist mecca of Jeffreys Bay.
The Jeffreys Bay Police were out in full force. Photo: Paul van Jaarsveld 083 521 5093

The Security officials which included the South African Police and Kouga Municipal Law Enforcement officials kept a reign on proceedings and prevented things from getting out of hand.
However, it was yet another quiet day for businesses situated close to the Municipality. The stench of rubbish permeated the air and the dirty pot hole ridden roads did not appeal to most of the residents of Jeffreys Bay.
An overtuned bin in Da Gama Road. Photo: Paul van Jaarsveld 083 521 5093

The strikers dispersed around lunchtime and will be back to demonstrate tomorrow. They are demanding an 18 % salary increase with a minimum of R 2 000.
With service delivery at an all time low in South Africa, the cash strapped municipalities will simply be unable to meet the demand.

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