Democratic Alliance looks for young leaders

“Now is the time to stand up as a leader and help all South Africans to see what can be achieved under a DA government. It is time to re-ignite the spark of hope.
As long as we keep rowing together in the right direction, we can become an open opportunity society. For the next 20 years at least, South Africa will be the most exciting country in the world in which to live and make a contribution to the future.
It will be a great story to tell your grandchildren one day. We can overcome our history and shape our future together.” Helen Zille.

The DA’s Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is a programme for young South Africans who want to change the face of South African politics and who have the potential to do so.
This year long, part time leadership development programme is exclusively designed to give participants the skills, knowledge and confidence required to be the future leaders of the Democratic Alliance and South Africa.

The YLP is open to all young South Africans between the ages of 18 and 35, who share the DA’s vision of the Open Opportunity Society for All and have proven themselves to be committed and passionate leaders, set on making a difference in South Africa.

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