More rain and bigger potholes for J'Bay

The rain over the weekend has caused more potholes in the roads of Jeffreys Bay, with roads in all the suburbs being affected.
While the Kouga Municipality has tried to fix some of the potholes using cement, it is clear that this is a short term solution to the problem.

Some of the roads in Aston Bay were totally under water.

St Francis Bay has decided to start a fund to repair their own roads as the residents of the village feel they cannot wait any longer for the Municipality to sort out the problem.
Despite concerns about the Sand River bridge over the weekend, motorists were able to cross, under the watchful eye of the Kouga Traffic officers.
Nearly 200 mm of rain fell in Cape St Francis in July and the dams in the catchment areas are now full and overflowing. However, many residents are concerned that the roads are not receiving the necessary attention.
Despite the pot holes, Sand River bridge remained in place over the weekend. Photo: St Francis Chronicle

The Jeffreys Bay Residents Association has called for the townsfolk to also fix the potholes themselves.

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“The costs of adequately repairing a pothole are not high, particularly compared to the costs of the damage they cause.  Residents could easily establish a pothole fund, purchase materials, arrange labourers to fill them.
This could be setup within days, given the necessary support from the residents.  Then we can debate whether contributions to this fund are deductible from rates”, said Trevor Watkins, the chairman of the JBRA.
Koraal Street, St Francis Street, Dolphin Drive and Johan Muller Boulevard are particularly badly affected with the roads in a very serious state.

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