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In Germany it was found that all types of cancer as well as leukaemia occurred significantly more frequently in the vicinity of nuclear power plants (within a radius of 5 Km) than in further distant areas.
In South Africa similar tests have never been conducted, yet Eskom tells us that nuclear energy is safe. Based on what facts exactly, one wonders?
India is aiming to generate 20 gigawatt of power through renewable energy by 2020. South Africa is aiming to generate the same amount of power through nuclear energy.
For thousands of years South Africans will have nuclear waste to deal with. Why create this problem for future generations when it it actually unnecessary?
After Chernobyl the nuclear experts told the world a similar occurrence will never happen. then Fukushima happened and now we have Eskom telling us that it would never happen in South Africa.
The fact is that mankind does not know how to deal with atomic energy when accidents happen and things go wrong. If we cannot control nuclear energy, we shouldn’t be playing with it.

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