Gunning for the World Title

Kelly Slater won the US Open of Surfing this past weekend. Could this signal the start of his charge towards the 2011 World Title? One thing everyone has realized about Slater is this – underestimate him at your own risk.

MR was the king of the twin fin.

Mark Richards with four world titles in the early 1980’s was ahead of the game and rightly regarded as the greatest surfer of his time.
With 10 world titles, Kelly Slater has laid down a mark that will be difficult for any contest surfer to ever emulate in the modern era of professional surfing.

Kelly can make bad waves look good. He has charged big waves and he rips smaller waves to shreds. Check out the final of the Nike US Open of Surfing. Slater is still a machine after all these years.
Yet in South Africa there is a confidence building. A confidence that is based on two home town victories for Jordy Smith at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay in the Billabong Pro.
Our boy is on top of his game and he is growing in stature and self belief. Jordy is on a mission and we know that we going to have a South African World Champion.
Its just a matter of time.

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