More sewage at Main Beach

Yet another sewage spill occurred on Main Beach, Jeffreys Bay over the past two days.
The town has now endured two spills in the past week, one at Supertubes and now another one at the Ski Boat Club.

Apparently a problem at the pump station behind Billabong caused the latest spill.
The state of our beaches is a cause of serious concern to the residents of our town and this is what one long time resident had to say:
“I walked along the beach recently after a break of many, many months  …what a shocker!!!! Some people in high places should wake up!!!! The reality of the horrendous neglect and deterioration is appalling…. Blue Flag Status?????….dream on !!!!!”

Unfortunately the sentiments being expressed are true. We should all be working towards regaining the Blue Flag status for Main Beach but this is going to be a pipe dream until we get the sewage spills under control.
Let’s not forget for one moment that continual sewage spills is what caused Jeffreys Bay to lose the Blue Flag in the first place.

The Jeffreys Bay CBD is in serious trouble and one can just take a drive through the streets to see how many empty shops there are at present.
This in itself is not a new phenomenon in our town. Anybody who survived the economic downturn in the early 1990’s will testify to this.
In those days there were also many empty shops and the only businesses that seemed to be thriving were the pawn shops scattered along da Gama Road.
However, this time around we have an economic downturn coupled with a shopping mall that is competing with the old CBD for business.
If we are honest with ourselves, there are less potholes and more parking available  at Fountains Mall, all which make an appealing case for residents to avoid the centre of town entirely.
The Main Beach is critical for the long term survival of the old CBD. The surf community have committed to the CBD, with Billabong keeping their base at the surf village at the bottom of da Gama Road and their landlord is busy with major renovations to their buildings.
Vision is required to position Main Beach where it belongs and that is to be recognised as one of the iconic beaches worldwide.

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Bondi Beach in Australia is treated with respect by the authorities in that country and it is difficult to imagine that Sydney siders would tolerate continual sewage spills on their beach, which attracts thousands and thousands of tourists each year.
Main Beach has much more going for it than Bondi. Add Kitchen Window surf break, Phantom Reef, minimal currents and rips, easy access from the CBD and we have a winner on our hands. We just have to treat Main Beach with the respect it deserves.

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