Dog saves the day in Wavecrest

An attempted house robbery was thwarted on Wednesday morning by an alert dog who chased the would be criminal away.
The robber had already gained access to the Wavecrest guest house in the early hours of Wednesday morning before he was discovered.

“This is the third time this year that robbers have been in my house”, said the guest house owner who wishes to remain anonymous.
“Luckily my dog was inside the house and immediately attacked the criminal who fled and literally ran out of his shoes”.
In another as yet unconfirmed incident a resident awoke to find a robber in his bedroom. This incident also occurred in Wavecrest and luckily nobody was injured in the invasion.

Residents are urged to be vigilant, especially in Wavecrest where 53 % of the house robberies took place in July. Perimeter and ourdoor lights are an effective deterrent and make sure windows and doors are secure before going to bed at night.

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