Pot Hole fund for St Francis Bay

Residents of St Francis Bay have decided that they cannot wait for the R 87 Million flood disaster money that the Kouga Municipality have applied for and have started a fund to fix the roads in the village.

Recent rains caused the storm water system to overflow in J'Bay and damage the roads.

Ferdi Dippenaar a Johannesburg businessman and St Francis homeowner suggested a Pothole Fund and donated the first R10 000, according to St Francis Village News
Village Square Superspar immediately bought into the idea and the St Francis Links followed. Together they have challenged all businesses to get involved to get the roads in St Francis Bay fixed.
Andre Koekemoer, manager of Village Square Superspar, announced on Friday afternoon that the Spar Group donated R30 000 towards the Pothole Fund and Jeff Clause, Director of the St Francis Links, agreed to at least R10 000. “We will talk to our members on Monday and I can assure you the figure will raise,” Jeff said. ”Our manpower and machinery will also be available for this project.”
Pot hole in St Francis Bay

It may be well worth the while of Jeffreys Bay residents to follow the same path as St Francis Bay. It is not certain when the disaster relief funds will be paid and in the meantime, the roads of Jeffreys Bay have never looked worse.
The main access roads of da Gama Road, St Francis Street and Diaz Road all need urgent attention, as does Dolphin Drive in Aston Bay. Many visitors to the town during the Billabong Pro also commented on how derelict Jeffreys Bay was looking. It would not cost a lot of money to cut the grass at the verges and along the main road in town.

The new Kouga Council is making a sincere effort to turn the town around, but are severely hampered by a very serious cash flow problem. It can be argued that it is the Municipality’s responsibility to fix the roads and to beautify the town. That is true, however right now, we all need to work together to save our towns.

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