Sewage spill at Supertubes brought under control

The world renowned surf breaks of Supertubes and Boneyards were threatened by a serious sewage spill yesterday morning.
The spill began on Tuesday in the car park opposite Checkers in da Gama road and unfortunately reached the beach at Boneyards.

Raw sewage heading towards Boneyards.

The catastrophe caused an outcry amongst local residents who are concerned that the sewage problems besetting Jeffreys Bay show little sign of being resolved.
Ernest Bendeman, the General Manager of Billabong in Jeffreys Bay said ” I cannot imagine the damage this could have done to the image of J’Bay if it happened during the Billabong Pro.
The web cast reaches over 190 countries and last year’s event which ran over 4 days had about 1 000 000 unique users and we expect higher numbers this year due to the fact that we ran across the full 10 days”.
Luckily Jordy Smith had already won the Billabong Pro before the sewage spill began. Photo: ASP

Cheron Kraak is also highly concerned about the sewage spills in Jeffreys Bay. “There has been about 8 sewage spills at Kitchen Window this year alone and now one of the best waves in the world in under threat.
Billabong have just hosted an international event at Supertubes. This would have disrupted the event and ramifications would have been catastrophic”.
DA Councillor Brenton Williams was informed of the sewage spill at Supertubes yesterday morning and immediately became involved in resolving the crisis.
“The spill was caused by a blocked pipe near the Spar Complex in da Gama Road. This caused sewage to spill from the man hole cover in the Boneyards car park”, said Williams.
“Municipal officials had tried to suck sewage out of the pipes as initially it was thought that rain water had caused over capacity within the system. It was then determined that there had to be a blockage and high pressurized water was blasted through the pipes and by early afternoon yesterday, the spill had been stopped”, added Williams.
Raw sewage flowing down towards the beach and to Supertubes.

“I would to thank our Municipal officials for their prompt response to the disaster at Jeffreys Bay prime asset – the waves at Supertubes.
The sewage crisis is high on the agenda of problems that need to be sorted out in the town and residents can contact me via email at [email protected] should any sewage spills be seen around J’Bay or elsewhere in the Kouga”.
Residents are urged to avoid walking bare foot in the car park and on the beach at Boneyards as diseases carried in raw effluent can remain dangerous to humans for up to two weeks after a sewage spill.

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