Drama at Billabong Pro

The strong onshore wind, big swell and driving rain was bad enough for the surfers and spectators at the final day of the 2011 Billabong Pro in Jeffreys Bay yesterday but a serious situation also developed out in the line up.

NSRI provided water safety at the Billabong Pro. Photo: RRAD

The NSRI jet ski, which provided water safety throughout the event gave problems yesterday when the engine cut out.
Reichard Janse Van Rensburg was driving the jet ski when the engine failure occurred.
Reichard decided to hold onto the ski to prevent it from drifting onto the rocks or disappearing down the coast.
There were no bikinis to be seen yesterday at the Billabong Pro. Photo: Billabong

Meanwhile the NSRI rubber duck was launched from St Francis Bay to come and assist. The adverse sea conditions saw the rescue craft take about 45 minutes to ride across the bay. Meanwhile Reichard had to hold onto the jet ski which was being pushed by the current from Supertubes down towards Point.
“It was cold and the rain and wind made things unpleasant but I had to keep the jet ski pointing into the wind to prevent it washing up onto the rocks”, said Reichard.

Eventually the rubber duck arrived and the NSRI crew lashed the jet ski onto the side of the boat and began the slow journey back to safety in serious sea conditions.

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