Concern about Ocean View development

Residents of Jeffreys Bay are worried about a planned low cost development that could take place at Ocean View, next to the road to Aston Bay.
With an infrastructure already creaking at the seams, the Jeffreys Bay Residents Association have raised concerns about the possible implications of a new high density development.

Dolphin Drive in Aston Bay following the recent floods.

The Ocean View Low Cost Housing project has been reviewed by the Dept of Environmental Affairs in Bhisho, who are now calling for further comments on this development.
These comments must be submitted before 16th August 2011.
“It is crucially important that as many organisations and people as possible are motivated to object to the proposed development on certain conditions”, said Trevor Watkins, the Chairman of the Jeffreys Bay Residents Association.
“Again it must be stressed that we are not against the development in principle, but certain conditions must be included in the amended ROD to protect the interests of the people of Jeffreys Bay in general and more specifically the suburbs to the west of Jeffreys Bay”, added Watkins.

Some of these conditions must be the following :
1. A Traffic Impact Assessment must be done to determine an ALTERNATIVE route as the road between Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay will no longer be an access to the western suburbs, but an internal feeder road to Ocean View and Tokyo Sexwale.
2. New intersections must be properly studied and placed to have minimum interference on traffic flow.
3. Proper Bulk Infrastructure must be provided before the development can take place. These will include the new Waste Water Treatment Works ( WWTW ), upgrading of the Apiesdraai Sewer pump station, upgrading of the Sewer rising main from Apiesdraai to the WWTW , a new water storage reservoir at the other reservoirs on The Fountains, upgrading or a second 66kV line between Melkhout and Jeffreys Bay.
4. The proposed layout will lead to poor socio-economic conditions which will have a very negative impact on crime. It is therefore important that the layout be changed to address these issues .
5. A high density development is proposed with minimum of Public Open Spaces ( POSโ€™s ) and sporting facilities which must also be addressed.

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