House wrecked in Wavecrest robbery

Brazen thieves destroyed an out of town farmer’s house in Waterkant Street in a robbery that saw all the copper in the house being stolen.

According to the shocked home owner, the robbers entered through the roof and proceeded to take all the copper pipes from the premises, even destroying dry walls in the process.
“What is going on in Jeffreys Bay?” the angry home owner asked. Residents will unfortunately have to wait until the Police release their yearly crime stats to find out the answer to this question.
“The robbers even defecated in the house and stole the bedding and all the utensils in the house”, said the farmer, who wishes to remain unidentified.

Residents are urged to secure their premises when going to bed at night and if you own property in Jeffreys Bay but live elsewhere, it is advisable to have an alarm installed to safe guard your property.
According to ADT Security, a supermarket in Goedehoop Street was burgled on Thursday, 7 July 2011 when burglars made a hole in the front window and used an unknown device to “fish” items through the opening. They made off with cigarettes and R 200.00 in small change.

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