South African swimmers to compete in World Champs

The 14th FINA World Championships are the beginning of the South African Aquatic team’s preparations for the Olympic Games next year.

Cameron van der Burg will be aiming for gold in the 50 m breastroke.

China’s Shanghai will set the scene for fast times from the 17th to the 31st of July 2011 as SA’s best take to the water.
Paralympian Natalie du Toit and FINA Marathon World Cup holder Chad Ho will be looking to add the World Championships Open Water titles to their names when they take to the water in the 5 and 10 K swims from 19th to 22nd July.
Nicole Brits will also participate in the 5 K swim, Jessica Roux in 10 km while Troyden Prinsloo will be up against Ho in the 10 K race and Danie Marais will be competing in 5 K event.
Roland Schoeman ia another medal contender for South Africa.

A strong team of 23 swimmers will take part in this very important competition in the build up to the Olympic Games in London next year. The swimming programme begins on 24th of July, with veteran swimmer Roland Schoeman being among the first in the water in the 50m butterfly.
The team also includes the likes of breaststrokers Cameron van der Burgh, Suzaan van Biljon and Neil Versfeld, backstrokers Gerhard Zandberg and Charl Crous as well as freestyle specialists Graeme Moore, Darian Townsend and Wendy Trott.
Kathyrn Meaklim will be in action in China.

Youngsters Vanessa Mohr, Darren Murray and Chad le Clos will also be looking to make a splash on the international stage as they represent South Africa at the 14th FINA World Championships.
Full team lists:
1. Cameron van der Burgh (NTS)
2. Chad Le Clos (KZN)
3. Charl Crous (KZN)
4. Darian Townsend (KZN)
5. Gerhard Zandberg (NTS)
6. Heerden Herman (WP)
7. Mark Randall (BOR)
8. Neil Versfeld (KZN)
9. Riaan Schoeman (KZN)
10. Roland Schoeman (NTS)
11. Gideon Louw (NTS)
12. Graeme Moore (CG)
13. Darren Murray (NTS)
14. Leith Shankland (KZN)
15. Jean Basson (CG)
16. Sebastien Rousseau (WP)
17. Jasper Venter (KZN)

1. Vanessa Mohr (NTS)
2. Wendy Trott (WP)
3. Kathryn Meaklim (KZN)
4. Karin Prinsloo (NTS)
5. Suzaan van Biljon (KZN)
6. Leone Vorster (NTS)
Men’s Water Polo:

1 Nicolas‐Jon Molyneux (WP)
2 Adam Kajee (WP)
3 Donn Stewart (KZN)
4 Bevan Manson (BOR)
5 Gareth Samuel (CG)
6 Jason Kyte (CG)
7 Ryan Bell (CG)
8 Wesley Bohata (KZN)
9 Patrick McCarthy (KZN)
10 Jarred Wingate‐Pearse (WP)
11 Gavin Kyte (CG)
12 Matthew Kemp (WP)
13 Grant Belcher (CG)
Woman’s Water Polo:

1 Leigh Maarschalk (WP)
2 Sarah Harris ( WP)
3 Lee‐Anne Keet (KZN)
4 Kimberly Kay (WP)
5 Megan Schooling (WP)
6 Kelsey White (CGA)
7 Kimberly Schmidt (WP)
8 Nicolette Poulus (WP)
9 Jemma Dendy Young (WP)
10 Shelley Faulmann(WP)
11 Laura Barrett (WP)
12 Christine Barretto (KZN)
13 Dalaine Christian (Bor)
Open Water:
10 K men
1. Chad Ho (KZN)
2. Troyden Prinsloo (KZN)
1. Natalie Du Toit (CGA)
2. Jessica Roux (KZN)
5 K men
1. Danie Marias (WP)
2. Chad Ho (KZN)
5 K women
1. Nicole Brits (KZN)
2. Natalie Du Toit (CGA)
1. Kerry‐Beth Norden (EP)
2. Laura Strugnell (WP)
3. Emma Manners‐Wood (WP)
4. Fatima Isaacs (WP)
5. Jessica Broughton (EP)
6. Jessica Hayes‐Hill (KZN)
7. Lucy McCarthy (KZN)
8. Jessica Domiro (KZN)
9. Natasha Domiro (KZN)
10. Shannon Crowder (KZN)
11. Kelly Sloley (KZN)
12. Nicola David (WP)

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