R 87 million flood damage in Kouga

Recent floods in the Kouga have resulted in severe damage to roads and other infrastructure in the region.

Roads in Aston Bay were badly damaged in the flood.

It will cost around R 87 Million to repair the damage, which includes building a new bridge over the Sand River and repairing the main water supply line to St Francis Bay according to Kouga media liaison official Laura Leigh Randall .
The sewage infrastructure in the Kouga Municipal region was also affected and will cost about R 17 Million to repair.
The floods resulted from heavy rainfall in the area over the past few months (215 mm in May, 186 mm in June and 105 mm in early July).
Road damage has occurred in Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay, Jeffreys Bay and to a lesser extent in the Gamtoos Valley area.
The bridge over the Sand River has to be rebuilt

The total reconstruction of Dolphin drive in Aston Bay and Johan Muller Boulevard in Paradise Beach are included in the disaster recovery plan drawn up by the Kouga Municipality.
The Council approved the motion to apply for disaster funding in a special Council meeting on Tuesday.

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