Full investigation into collape of St Francis Bay bridge

The Kouga Municipality will be conducting an investigation into the cause of the destruction of the Sand River bridge that led to St Francis Bay being cut off from the rest of the world late last week.
The Sand River catchment area together with the dams at the St Francis Links will be surveyed to ensure that a disaster of this nature does not re-occur.

The bridge over the Sand River

Together with the department of Roads and Transport, the Kouga Municipality, who did an excellent job in handling the crises caused by flood water emanating from St Francis Links, will determine what needs to be done when rebuilding the bridge over the Sand River.
With all the negative publicity the Kouga Municipality has received lately due to the financial woes it faces, credit must also be given to the disaster management team who handled a critical situation with aplomb.

A temporary road has been constructed over the Sand River that allows for vehicles under 3 tons to cross to and fro from St Francis Bay. The Kouga Municipality has made an appeal to residents to respect the tonnage limit to prevent damage to the road.

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