Pot holes in J'Bay roads

There are some serious pot holes in the roads of Jeffreys Bay following the heavy rains over the past month.
Koraal street is affected as well as da Gama road and residents report that there are pot holes in the roads of most of the suburbs in the town.

Recent rains caused the storm water system to overflow in J'Bay

The bad news is that the cash strapped municipality does not have the money to fix the roads. At present, officials are trying their best to repair pot holes using a soil and cement mix as there is no money to buy tar.
It appears that the tar supplier will only supply tar on a cash basis to the Municipality.

Together with the on going sewage crises in the town, a gloomy picture is emerging of a once proud town being brought to its knees by inefficient financial management. This statement is backed by the latest Auditor general’s report which identifies that R 200 million is unaccounted for.
The new budget unfortunately does not give any indication of how the Municipality is going to turn things around and the cash flow  catastrophe looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

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