Business Robberies in Kouga

St Francis and Jeffreys Bay businesses have been robbed of cash and cellphones by armed criminals in the past week. All business owners and shopkeepers are advised to be vigilante and more security conscious.

In one incident, a St Francis Bay take away outlet was robbed of cellphones and the day’s takings on Friday 1 July in the evening .
Early the next morning a St Francis Bay businessman was alone in a restaurant at 6 am. A man wielding a screwdriver approached him and threatened to kill him if he did not hand over cash and his cellphone.
Having taken a cellphone and some cash, the man shouted to his friends outside and ran away.

These robberies follow an incident that occurred in Jeffreys Bay earlier in the week.
Residents in Humansdorp are also urged to be more vigilant following an increase in housebreakings in the Nico Malan High School area.
(Source: St Francis Chronicle)

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