I, Alone

I stared for a long time without seeing
I spoke for a long time without words
I listened for a long time without wanting
I grew silent and lapsed into water

I took no notice of the dust filled heavens
I glanced not once as the sun grew dim
I gathered only what was required
And when the lives breathed no more and grew still
Only then did I weep for sadness
Only then did I pray for another soul

I am the planet you miscarried
I am the world you loved no more
And once upon a time I heard the laughter of children
And I felt the peace from all creatures upon me
And once upon a time I knew what it felt like to be loved
Before the terrible silence descended inside me
Before the tears drowned out this once living home

But now I am so barren.
And now I am so alone.
I, Alone.

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Marla Stormwolf-Patty
July 2011

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