Cash crises in Jeffreys Bay Municipality

This year will be crunch time for the Kouga as the cash flow crises deepens.
The Kouga budget has been described as woefully inadequate by the Democratic Alliance DA, and with good reason.

Residents in Jeffreys Bay have had enough of the sewage dams on their beaches.

Suppliers are already refusing to deal with Kouga Municipality unless it’s on a cash basis.
There are businesses in Jeffreys Bay that have gone unpaid for considerable periods of time after rendering services or supplies to the Municipality.
While this has been happening, the Municipality has gone on a hiring spree, doubling the number of employees over the past few years to well over 1 000 staff members.
The only trouble is that the money to pay them has had to come from somewhere. Unfortunately money has been taken from the maintenance budget leaving our infrastructure in dire straits.
Coupled with a low collection rate of money owed to the Municipality, it is clear that the cash flow crisis will continue unless a proper recovery plan is implemented.
Meanwhile we can expect the sewage to flow in our streets and onto our beaches. The Blue Flag will not be flying at Main Beach in the foreseeable future as there is no money to fix the problem of an ageing sewage system that is being stretched beyond capacity.
Our roads will deteriorate as funds to fix them will be used to pay outstanding creditors. Don’t expect “beware of pot holes signs” either – there will not be funds to purchase them.

As a community we expect better from our Municipality. The institution is there to serve us but is sadly failing in this regard.
While this is all happening, we will be paying more and more for the services we receive, like electricity and water and we will be paying 8,1 % more on our rates.

The gravy train, maladministration and corruption has to stop!! Jeffreys Bay, the Kouga and South Africa simply cannot afford it any longer.

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