South African freediver at Mr Price Pro

Hanli Prinsloo, South Africa’s most successful freediver, will appear daily at the upcoming Mr Price Pro Ballito Beach Festival (4-10 July).
Prinsloo will host the ‘I Am Water’ ocean conservation fundraiser (Wed, 6 July), as well as daily breath hold challenges, free workshops and Q and A sessions with the public.

Prinsloo holds eleven South African records in the sport of freediving, including having swum on a single breath to a depth of 63m (Constant Weight category) and for swimming 150m in a pool (Dynamic Apnea).
She has held her breath for 5min 39sec (Static Apnea) as well. According to Prinsloo, “My involvement with the ocean taught me so much, but at this point in time it is painfully obvious that the ocean needs us even more than we need her. As vast and majestic as she seems, she is as vulnerable as ever.
Overfishing, pollution and climate change are some of the most important issues, and if we are to enjoy our oceans for years to come, we need to take a stand and do something!”

Those who are unable to join Prinsloo at the fundraiser on July 6th will still be able to catch her at the ‘I Am Water’ stand which will form part of the Mr Price Pro Ballito Beach Festival.
Between 10h00 and 12h00 each day Prinsloo will be available to talk with members of the public, and later between 14h00 and 16h00 she will host an in-water challenge at the ‘I Am Water Pool’, performing a five minute breath-hold and organising head-to-head breath-holds between surfers.
She will also be holding free mental strength and breath-hold workshops which will be open to all members of the public.

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The ‘I Am Water’ Ocean Conservation Trust was created in 2010 by Prinsloo and other passionate ocean lovers, with the aim of fostering ocean conservation through human experience and ensuring that all South Africans have equal access to the wonderful ocean wilderness.
At the ‘I Am Water’ fundraiser, Prinsloo will be talking about the importance of ocean conservation, what members of the public can do to make a difference and also sharing some footage of her freediving adventures.
Special guest Shaun Tomson, as well as entertainment from the Pierre De Charmoy Band, will complete what is sure to be a most enjoyable evening at the Pumpkin Theatre in La Montagne.

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