Business robbed in J’Bay

Jeffreys Bay Police are hunting for a suspect after a business was robbed in da Gama Road on Monday.
A man entered a shop near the BP Garage and then threatened the woman in the shop. She went behind the counter and handed over an undisclosed amount of money.

As she moved from behind the counter she was stabbed in the arm by the suspect who fled out of the shop and headed towards the beach.
The Jeffreys Bay detectives are looking for a male with a scar on his face and will be releasing an identikit shortly.
Meanwhile the Community Police Forum (CPF) has urged business owners and residents to make sure their security measures are in place.
The business that was robbed on Monday didn’t have a security gate and the suspect was able to enter the premises unchallenged.

“Unfortunately we are dealing with criminals who, when presented with an opportunity, will take advantage of it”, said Sue Smit, secretary of the CPF.
“If you are alone in your business for even part of the day, it is wise to have a security gate fitted and have a panic button that you can use to summons help from a security company”, added Smit.
jbaynews.com will publish an identikit, once it has been issued by the Police.

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