Police crack down on drug dealers

The recent arrest of two drug dealers in Jeffreys Bay has sent out a clear warning from the Jeffreys Bay Police that no matter how long it takes, criminals will be caught in the town.
Steven Van Der Walt was recently arrested in C-Place and was found in possession of dagga and tik while another teenage drug dealer was caught in Wavecrest with high quality dagga and hashish.

The Police had been monitoring both drug dealers for quite some time before pouncing with the Dog Unit.
There have been complaints from all communities in Jeffreys Bay about the level of drug use in the town.
Tik is destroying the lives of the youth in Pellsrus and Ocean View and kids turn to a life of crime to feed their habit. Many become housebreakers to steal cell phones, lap tops and other items that are easy to sell or exchange for drugs. Foreign nationals are often believed to be the dealers in the townships of Jeffreys Bay.
Heroin, dagga and cocaine are the drugs of choice in the more affluent suburbs of Jeffreys Bay with many youngsters becoming users of the drugs and in some cases, resort to dealing to feed their habits.

The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) said that the Police are to be commended for their investigations into drug dealing, which are often complex and drawn out. “The Police need to catch the dealers with sufficient quantities of the drugs to be able to prosecute for dealing”, said the CPF.
On going investigations are continuing in the town and the Police will be taking a zero tolerance approach to drug dealing.

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