Be Bold and be Courageous

Its not easy nor is it comfortable to swim against the stream. Yet, doing exactly that has often changed the world and the way we do things.

Fukushima is still spewing radioactive steam into the air we breathe.

Global warming is a reality and we are experiencing the changes in weather patterns here in Jeffreys Bay.
What is also a reality is that we, as humanity, still haven’t figured out how to deal with atomic energy, especially when things go wrong, like it has at Fukashima in Japan.
Despite the lack of information from the authorities in Japan and the spin from the pro nuclear industry, it is now clear that Fukushima is the worst nuclear disaster to ever occurred and it also regarded as the worst incident to have ever occurred in the Industrial Age.
A survivor from Hiroshima. Mankind is not ready for atomic energy.

Therefore it would seem logical to take somebody like extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh seriously when he calls for a new way of thinking and for humanity to be courageous and look for new ways of powering the planet.
Pugh’s point of view is gaining support from all quarters. Masayoshi Son, the boss of Softbank, a big cell phone operator in Japan, believes it is time to rethink Japan’s dependence on nuclear power.
Son wants to build 10 solar power plants and is advocating that converting 20 % of Japan’s unused farmland to solar will generate 50 gigawatts of power which is enough to meet Japan’s energy needs.
South Africa should be thinking along the same lines. The Karoo is one big sun farm and we need to be bold and make decisions that will be of benefit not only for our generation, but of those who follow us.
Nuclear power plants are a calamitous disaster just waiting to happen. We have sewage flowing into our ocean at Jeffreys Bay already. We do not need uncontrollable radioactive atoms from Thyspunt polluting the air we breathe as well.
“But my hand was made strong by the Almighty…Lets forward in this generation triumphantly”.

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