Sewage spill under control

A new pump costing around R 150 000 that was fitted into the Koraal Street pump station late Wednesday afternoon has halted the worst sewage spill Jeffreys Bay has ever seen.

A sight that has become to common on Main Beach

For nearly 3 weeks the town has been held hostage to sewage flowing freely in the streets and caused the newly elected Mayor, Booi Koerat to close the Main Beach for swimming and surfing.
However there is still a massive dam of raw sewage on Main Beach in front of the La Mer drain and residents are urged to avoid this section of beach as it is still highly contaminated and there could still be sewage in the ocean.
Surfers were complaining of a strong smell of sewage at Supertubes yesterday and it is still unclear where this spill is coming from.
Keep our beaches clean. Is Supertubes now under threat from sewage spills?

Brenton Williams, the DA Kouga Councillor has been in daily contact with the Mayor Koerat as well as Municipal officials in an attempt to sort out the problem.
“There has been problems with the Aapies Draai pump station which caused the spill in Aston Bay and the Koraal street station has caused the spill in Ocean View and Main Beach”, said Williams.
“We have managed to get the municipality to stop the spill for now but the root cause of the problem is actually the sewage infrastructure that needs urgent maintenance and upgrading.
The R 37 million contract to upgrade our infrastructure was supposed to have started on 2 May has not happened. I will be working with the relevant role players to ensure this project actually takes place and will keep the community informed as to what is going on in this regard.
It is a disgrace that we have sewage flowing in the streets and that our prime asset, the Main Beach, has sewage flowing into the ocean”, added Williams.

Estate agents in the town have reported that they have lost sales in particularly the Aston Bay and Paradise Beach suburbs of the town.
Buyers are keen on houses in these suburbs but the stench of sewage and seeing dams of effluent at Aapies Draai have resulted in them looking at alternatives in other towns, said one despondent estate agent who wishes to remain anonymous.

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