Wavecrest residents asked to secure their homes

The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) has requested residents of Wavecrest to properly secure their homes before going to bed at night.
Although housebreakings have seen a considerable decline in the past month, there have been a couple of breakings in Red Current street.

“We are way below the monthly average of over 40 housebreaking a month that we witnessed last year”, said Sue Smit, secretary of the CPF.
“However, we still need to be vigilant as there are the opportunist criminals who will take a chance if they can”, added Smit.
The recent arrest of nearly an entire gang in Jeffreys Bay saw a decline in crime in the town that included housebreakings and contact crimes.

The CPF will be organising joint anti crime operations with the Police and the Kouga Municipal Law Enforcement that will focus on housebreakings and other crimes.
Residents can send an email to [email protected] should they wish to join the operations.

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