And still the sewage flows

A broken pump at the Koraal Street pump station is what the municipality is blaming for the sewage spills that are continuing at Main beach, Ocean View and Aston Bay.
Despite assurances being given to the Executive Mayor, Booi Koerat by municipal officials that the problem would have been sorted out by Tuesday the spills have continued unabated.

This has to stop!! Sewage has spilled onto the beach for over 2 weeks in J'Bay.

Yesterday morning a grader was spotted on Main Beach, building a retaining wall at the La Mer outlet to try contain the sewage from entering into the ocean.
With the Billabong Pro starting in July, the sewage crisis is nothing short of critical.
Yesterday children took advantage of a beautiful day in Jeffreys Bay to swim in the ocean, little realising that they were putting their lives at risk by swimming in raw effluent.
Kids swim in sewage yesterday afternoon at Main Beach.

The surf community are up in arms as surfers are getting sick, quite probably from sewage related diseases.
Andy Thysman from Jeffreys Bay Tourism is incensed about the sewage spill. “This has been happening for years now but this is the first time we have seen sewage spew out onto our beaches for weeks at a time. This is ridiculous and needs to be sorted out now”, said the head of Tourism in Jeffreys Bay.
The latest news from the Municipality is that the pump was still out of order but that it would be fixed by yesterday.
However, there is also a problem at the pump house behind Billabong Village as that pump also appears to be out of order.

While the Kouga Municipality fumbles and makes excuses, the lives of residents are at risk and the Blue Flag beach becomes more of a dream. And to be honest; we do not deserve Blue Flag beach status with all the sewage laying around the streets and beaches in our town.

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