Budget woes for Kouga Municipality

The newly elected Kouga Council will have to vote on the 2011/12 municipal budget on Thursday at a council meeting to be held in Humansdorp.
The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) will also have to be approved at the same meeting.

The budget doesnt make provision for a sewage upgrade in J'Bay

Residents can brace themselves for a 8,1 % increase in rates and property taxes, which is 2 % more than the 6 % advocated by the national treasury.
The new block tariff system for electricity will kick in as well this financial year. Residents who use more than 600 units of electricity can expect to pay around 30 % more every month.
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The much vaunted R 37 million upgrade to the Jeffreys Bay sewage system that the previous Mayor Robbie Dennis is on record as saying would begin in May this year, is conspicuous by its absence from the budget.
This is despite the fact that some of the big developments, like the Fountains Mall have already handed over considerable amounts of money in augmentation fees that were meant for the upgrade of infrastructure in the town.
Just how the budget will solve the cash flow problems facing the Kouga Municipality remains to be seen.

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