Night time Raid at Supertubes Park

The Jeffreys Bay Police lead a raid on the Jeffreys Bay beachfront last Wednesday night and a number of arrests were made during the evening.
Warrant Officer Potgieter, the Policeman in charge of Wavecrest was joined by the Community Police Forum (CPF) as a sweep of the dunes along Supertubes beach and the bushes in the Park was conducted.

Supetubes under siege. The new look at an old line up.

“The CPF had received complaints about the number of people loitering in the beachfront area at Supertubes and from past experience we know this leads to an increase in crime in Wavecrest”, said Potgieter.
“Together with Brenton Williams from the CPF we organised the operation and will be conducting more raids in hot spot areas along the beachfront in the upcoming weeks”, added Potgieter.
Some of the fences and gate locks in the Supertubes Park have been vandalised and will need to fixed before the Billabong Pro that is taking place in the fabled waves of Supertubes in July.

The surf community supported the raid and were on hand to assist in searching the bushes and sand dunes by touch light as well as the light from the full moon.
Anybody who would like to join the upcoming CPF anti crime operations in Jeffreys Bay can send an email to [email protected]

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