Water floods the streets of Jeffreys Bay

The Jeffreys Bay Municipality is in full swing trying to fix the damage caused by the rain that fell last week.

The kabeljous River burst its banks. Photo: Gizelle Erasmus

Over 150 mm fell in the space of a few days, much of it in the catchment areas which has resulted in the dams filling up quite considerably and water restrictions could be lifted in the region.
The storm water drains simply could not cope with the volume of water.

Both the Kabeljous and the Seekoei rivers burst through into the sea while many roads in the town were damaged by the mini flood.
Unfortunately the storm water drains could cope with the deluge of water, resulting in the flooding of low lying shops and houses.
Storm water and sewage at Aapies draai. Photo: Johan Saunders

The extra water also saw the already overburdeded sewage system to spew raw sewage onto Main Beach as well as in Koraal Street and Aapies Draai, near Aston Bay.
Aston Bay under water.

A broken pump at the Koraal street pump station has been identified by the Municipality as the problem. The pump station has still not been repaired.
The Marina canals also overflowed. Photo: Nick Melck

Main Beach was closed down to prevent children playing in the raw sewage and to stop swimmers and surfers from putting their health at risk by swimming in raw effluent.
Raw sewage pumped out onto Main Beach causing the closure of the beach.

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