Theft out of motor vehicles in J'Bay

Crime has seen a decrease in Jeffreys Bay during May despite some high profile cases in the town during the month.
The arrest of gangsters has caused a decrease in housebreakings especially in Wavecrest.
The theft out of motor vehicles is still occurring in the centre of town as well as in Wavecrest. The Jeffreys Bay Police have requested that residents secure their vehicles and not leave valuables laying around in the vehicle.

“Lock your valuable items in the boot of the car or take them inside your house”, said Warrant Officer Petra Els from the Jeffreys Bay Police.
“Residents must also make sure they secure all sliding doors in their homes as we have seen cases where criminals gain access through sliding doors”.
One incident of housebreaking occurred in Aston Bay. Two coloured males were seen in the vicinity of the housebreaking shortly before the incident took place.

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