St Francis bay resident kills housebreaker

A 72 year-old woman from St Francis Bay shot one suspect in her house over the weekend after they assaulted her and robbed her.
By Bev Mortimer
According to a press statement received by St Francis Chronicle from the Uitenhage SAP, two suspects entered the house through a window at 3 am. They threatened the woman with a screwdriver and knife. They tied her hands behind her back and also blindfolded her while demanding her bank cards and pin numbers.

One of the suspects took her vehicle and went to the bank to draw money while the other suspect stayed behind. The woman managed to untie herself and took her .38 special firearm.
The suspect saw her with the firearm and when he tried to attack her she fired a shot. The suspect in his early 20s died on the scene. The police were contacted. When the other suspect came back from the bank and saw what had happened he ran away. The SA statement added that “No further arrests have been made and police are investigating a case of house robbery and murder.”
According to latest reports, no charges are expected to brought against the woman.
Source: St Francis Chronicle

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